Friday, December 24, 2010

Parallel copying - SuperCopier

Super Copier 2
Supercopier in action.
If like me you engage in massive data copying sessions from time to time, this is a must have utility.

Opening multiple copy windows puts a strain on your hard drive,
and could lead to some instability issues on older systems.
Supercopier gives you the option to combine your copy streams
into a single process.

"Stable and fast
parallel copying."
You can add more items to an existing copy queue rearrange, or even remove existing items.
Perfect for all you micro-managing control freaks.

The only issue worth complaining about is that under Windows 7, Supercopier is unable to remove directories when a move directory is queued (as opposed to a normal copy directory). Hopefully this will be fixed in a future release.

  • This lightweight app uses minimal resources
  • Saves Time
  • Many options for fine-tuning of behaviour (although it works just fine out of the box)
  • The program is not updated regularly.
  • Unable to remove directories in Windows 7 

Bottom Line

A must have for anyone who does more than a little bit of copying.

SuperCopier Downloads
Download Supercopier from their website.

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